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Aberystwyth, a coastal town

The night before my last day, before I said good bye to the sea, to the town, to the people. I found myself lost on a hill, looking down at the town, the sea, the train station and the houses. It was then I realised that the scenery was twice as large, twice as wide and twice as far, than I remember it being. Only to realise, that I may have known, wondered and investigated Aber for many years, I however could never see it all.

The sunsets (above)

The sunsets in Aberystwyth are spectacular, even before you add in the pier and the nesting sparrows and the rough seas.

The starlings (below)

The starlings in their own right, are worth a visit to Aberstwyth alone, just take a look at the sparrows in the images below, as they fly into land under the pier for proof of what I mean.

pier, starlings
pier, starlings

The sea front

Sculpt by rough seas, surrounded by hills that are in some parts verging on mountainous terrain and filled for the most part with small rustic house, makes Aberystwyth a very enchanting place to live.

small, pier
broken glass
man from above
Telescopes, pier

The storms and their waves

The rough waves in aber normally bury the sea front in sand, often about a foot high, sometimes more. It would be no exaggeration to say that some of the waves are twice the height of the tallest person and photographing them can very easily become a very wet business indeed.

waves, pier

One of Aber's many night time views that inspired me to write: "Aberystwyth, a coastal town"

The night time view below was captured on top of Constitution Hill two nights before the one that inspired me to write "Aberystwyth, a coastal town". The view in question was on Aberystwyth main hill, the same one as the Aberystwyth University and the National Library of Wales. It was at the bottom of both on the south west side of the library going down and it would be no exaggeration to say you would need the widest of wide angle lenses to capture it.

Aberystwyth, coastline; from above, town

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